Hobbies and Pastimes

Anne loves her garden, which was until winter was almost a fulltime occupation. Where I am a member of the "Hack & Slash" brigade, Anne tends her flowers and other plants with care. Give me a shovel and I will happily dig a hole, or move manure, as in the recent past, in finding the septic tank and making it more accessible.

We have had to redesign our plot this year and risked a late frost by planting the potatoes. The fruit trees show evidence of blossom, but it has been too cold and wetfor insects to pollinate yet. We hope to have some raspberries, and blackcurrants as the canes are quite verdant.

We are baking our own bread, which apart from being less expensive, seems to be better for us, as we eat less of it than we did of the traditional French bread. Consequently we haven't had a croissant for at least three months, oh alright maybe one or two.

We have already started on getting in the wood for next year, as a recent gale brought down a huge limb of a beech tree in our hamlet. As it was on our neighbouring farmer's land he gave us permission to clear it, which was nice. It also keeps me fit, although to see me struggling with the logs you would wonder.

Winter time was Anne's time for knitting and other indoor activities. Over the winter we were unable to do much in the way of work on our Morris Mini, but this has moved on a pace since last year, so much so, it now runs, new tyres are on but still some tuning before it gets re-registered.

See the mini rebuild link on the right hand side for the progress