My Career

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 Joining the Hampshire Constabulary as a cadet in 1971, I became a constable in March 1973. My career spanned thirty years of patrol and desk work, from the rural New Forest to the City of Portsmouth.

Control room Hamble - Basingstoke-Andover Sector
Former Control Room Fratton - Gosport-Fareham Sector
An expo at Families Day - Amateur Radio station with Constable Pete Lewis G3EMF and myself G4NAB

I was a foot patrol officer, car patrol officer, and a village police officer, and a frontier officer. For thirteen years however, I was a radio operator / controller in four of the control rooms in the force, during the evolution of the communication systems. I "retired" at the age of 49 in March 2003. We moved away from Hampshire looking for a cottage in Scotland, but ended up in a new development on the outskirts of Dumfries.

During my time in Scotland, I worked full time and part time for a national Plumbers merchant learning retail, plumbing, and Scottish, all at the same time, a real learning curve. We did take three months off in October 2005 for a trip to Australia. I was welcomed back to the plumbers merchants for short time, finally quitting in April 2007 when we moved to France.

Anne's Career

Anne started her career in administration at the age of 16. Joining the civil service in the Unemployment Benefit Office on being made redundant, she remained in their employment in Gosport, and then in Southampton when we married in 1976, and in Winchester when I started in my first control room position. She gave up work as our children started to arrive. It wasn't until 1988 that she returned to work part-time as an engineer, making heat sealing machines.

Anne joined the building trade as a credit controller, then later moved to a food distributor in the same line. In March 2005, she joined me in withdrawing her labour, until she worked for the housebuilder in Cumbria, from whom we bought our house in Dumfries.

Finally in 2007 we withdrew our labour completely.

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